Thursday, November 3, 2011

Can Grindr go straight?

Most social networking sites connect people in the virtual world but Grindr helps gay people meet for real. And now its founder is launching an app for the straight community too   ACCORDING TO Joel Simkhai, he has the best job in the world


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  1. I knew before I even looked up Joel Simkhai of Grindr he'd be a jew. Jews/communists are absolutely NUMBER ONE in promoting homosexuality. It's just another way of whittling down the Gentile family.

    Like the jews' other creations: disposable marriage through no-fault divorce; women's lib, encouraging premarital sex, and single parenthood. None of these plagues effect jews because, by and large, they stay married and keep their families intact.

    I promise you, we need to strip all jews/communists of their ill-gotten wealth and exile them. As over 100 countries have had to do throughout history. Why do you think "antisemitism" keeps rearing its head? Because the jews move on to a new host country then proceed to undermine that country's majority and suck them dry.